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The Perfect Pedi

Is there a perfect pedi? We like to think so. Our IVY BEAU Signature Range pedi essentials are not only effective and luxurious – they are super cost effective too! […]

Why do we age?

As The New York Times recently put it, the only true solution to ageing, is death. But our central mode of dealing with that inevitability is to deny and deal […]

Surviving Lockdown as a Beauty Business

I hardly remember what “normal” feels like at this point. Lock down has shaken what we know to be our daily lives to pieces. What we’re left with looks like [...]

How to build a professional portfolio

Whether you are applying for a job within the beauty, hair or fashion industry or choose to take the entrepreneurial route, at some point you will need to display your […]

What aesthetic devices and training does Nov-U offer?

The beauty and medical aesthetic industries have merged so closely to one another that they are separated by only a fine, blurred line. By definition, medical aesthetics is an inclusive […]

Beauty trends to expect in 2019

It seems the average beauty consumer is on a journey of exploration and independence. Research shows that now,more than ever, consumers are open to finding and trying new brands and […]

I want my own beauty business, where do I start?

I want my own beauty business, where do I start?It can easily become a dream deluded by the misconception that the beauty industry is mostly glamorous and covered in glitter [...]

‘Tis the season…

To be wearing colour and winter trends of course. Winter make-up trends to watch in 2018 are fabulous. Dusty blue, blue-green in its different shades, earthy green, taupe-beige, dusted yellow, [...]


I have been brewing on the topic of professionalism for some time now. I am not talking the “I have a carrot up somewhere”, non-approachable, pencil skirt and stilettos perception [...]

How to choose the correct skin care

Today, we are spoilt for choice, and when it comes to skin care brands, you are REALY spoilt for choice.  It is just one of the areas of the beauty [...]