‘Tis the season…

To be wearing colour and winter trends of course. Winter make-up trends to watch in 2018 are fabulous. Dusty blue, blue-green in its different shades, earthy green, taupe-beige, dusted yellow, mineral-grey, pastel pink and passionate plum are the colours everyone will be talking about according to Elle online. In addition to colours to play with, here are a few of the trends showcased at this years fashion shows:




Natural beauty is once again being celebrated. Think nude lips, clear complexions with not much more that a light coverage foundation. Slightly groomed, tinted brows and a dash of volumising mascara. If the look is sufficient enough for your Alexander McQueen and Isabel Marant shows, it sure will be suited for your day in the office. Try ANESI CC cream, a correcting cream foundation with an added SPF 30. Available from New-U hair and beauty salon. My ultimate weekend go-to product.


Dramatic lashes


Falsies are back. Luscious lashes are on top of the beauty wish list. Try a set of lash extensions from Donè’s Salon. For this treatment synthetic/mink individual lashes are glued to your own lashes for a longer, fuller effect. Alternatively, get your Kryolan strip lashes and super effective lash adhesive from our Bloemfontein Kryolan store. Strip lashes are glued to the base of your upper eyelid The make-up artists at the store will show you how to apply and look after them for multiple use.


Graphic liner


Eyeliner no longer refers to the half-hearted line you drew onto your eye-lid looking into the cars mirror this morning. For maximal enhancement, eyeliner is now being worn in thicker on the upper eyelid in either a blocked rectangle or semi-circular shape. Extend your upper eye-liner beyond your outer lashes for the cat-eye effect. Stencils are available at most make-up stores which makes creating this look a breeze. Always apply your eye-liner after you have applied your eyeshadow to avoid it looking ashy. Keep the eyeshadow colour and application to a minimum for this look.


Bold lips


I love this trend. Think neon versions of the seasons colours, two-tone and dark shades. This look is perfectly paired with the minimalism eye trend. To pull this off you will need a good lip liner in either a nude or the shade closest to your lip product. Draw in your cupids bow (the arch of your upper lip), perfect the lip corners and line the rest of the upper and bottom lip. Now colour in your whole lip with your lip pencil for longer lasting lip colour. Now apply a product such as Kryolan’s lip stain in punk (passionate plum!) for 2-4 hours lasting colour.


Glowing skin


Whether going tribal, minimalistic or with a dramatic smokey eye there is one addition all these trends have in common-a glowing complexion. Step one to glowing skin is of course keeping it healthy hydrated and smooth. Try ANESI’s Aqua Vital range available from NEW-U beauty salon in Bloemfontein. Step two is highlighting your gorgeous complexion to achieve the glow. My favourite highlighting product at the moment is the Kryolan glamour glow compact in natural tan available from either the Kryolan Free State store or Posh Lab salons.


This winter seasons trends caters for you whether you are a fashion forward beaut mirroring exact trends or just a regular-Joan who experiments a little. Stay posted for more trends and how to wear them.