Beauty trends to expect in 2019

It seems the average beauty consumer is on a journey of exploration and independence. Research shows that now,more than ever, consumers are open to finding and trying new brands and their products. There has been a large generational shift where younger consumers have taken the lead as consumers in the market and they are not afraid to reject large brands previously preferred older generations. They are seeking out unique, locally made and natural products right across the beauty board, which in turn has lead to entrepreneurship within the local beauty industry being at a all time high.


Young independent brands standing for a purpose are favored and driven by this consumer demand. Here’s a bit of what to expect for 2019 beauty trends:


A commitment to sustainability. Think eco- friendly packaging and bio degradable products. This younger generation of consumer are demanding to make a positive impact on the planet. Brands are listening and 2019 will see more and more of this. Vegan products are also likely to feature with a strong following.


A minimalistic approach to skin care. We will be seeing more 2-in-1 products as consumers are more pressed for time than ever. This will also serve as a more economical approach to skincare. On both the professional and retail forefront we will see a rise in customized ampules and capsules to add to skin routines and treatments.


Diversity and inclusion. This new consumer wants personal, unbiased attention and cosmetic houses no longer have an excuse for limited ranges. 2019 will see a strong drive towards affordability and availability supporting diversity. Diverse cultural inclusion regarding cosmetic shades and formulations will be a big focus.


Blurred lines between health and beauty industry.  Advanced skin aesthetic treatments are at an all time high, this includes treatments such as advanced skin needling, derma planning, plasma skin tightening and so much more.(Nov-U offers training in all these aesthetic treatments.) The South African beauty regulations are very limited thus more therapists are taking to offering these treatments in a bid to stand a cut above the competition. This has left some medical professionals with ruffled feathers as we start to operate with in a grey area. The focus generally has shifted to skin healing using devices aimed at improving the skins natural functions at a cellular level instead of previously preferred topically applied anti aging preparations. In addition to this, a holistic approach to health and beauty is evident. Natural supplements are being included in the treatment of ageing  pigmentation issues , menopause, cancers , scarring etc. The demand for health stores will likely increase. 


Transparency of product ingredients. Thanks to the internet and social media, the beauty consumer is now very educated. They know the difference between ingredients, their generics and what is fake advertising. Companies need to practice complete transparency in product ingredients if they expect to keep their following.


Probiotics will gain popularity as both a supplement and ingredient in skin care. In addition to this, expect anti-pollution skin care ranges to take centre stage in 2019. (Ask us for more information on our Anesi Urban Blue-defence)


At home skin tools are in demand. Jade stone rollers, derma rollers, home-use galvanic devices and digital skin analysis tools are all on the list as todays consumer takes a pro-active approach to skin care. (Have your clients download the ANESI app for a basic digital skin analysis)



A minimalistic approach is not just limited to skin care but to make up application too. A clean, luminous skin (ask us about Anesi’s luminosity retail range and in salon treatment ) with a dash of bold metallics or color providing maximum impact is the look of 2019. Highlighters and shimmers in jelly textures (Try Kryolan shimmering event) will popular favourites as well as multi tasking products such as lip products which are compatible on the cheeks and eyes too (Try Kryolan’s lip n cheek).


The natural brow returns.Thank goodness! Fluffy, brushed-up, feathered brows without a lot of visible product will be the favoured brow look of 2019. Low-maintenance products like clear gel are likely to dominate the brow market. (Anesi has a lash and brow serum that will fall perfectly into this scope, grab one!)


Its all about Customisation. Consumers want to be treated as an individual with individual needs. A generalized one size fits all approach to beauty is no longer and option. Personalised skin care consultations, professional treatments and retail prescriptions are what consumers expect in 2019. (Have you tried the ANESI SKIN VIEW yet? )


The beauty industry is transforming and moving forward. Either you need to adapt or you will be left behind. Use this information to stay ahead and plan your marketing strategy for your beauty business this year. As always, contact a Nov-U representative for treatment support and product education relating to 2019 trends!


Jaclyn Ivy

+2778 612 4023