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Why do we age?

Why do we age?

As The New York Times recently put it, the only true solution to ageing, is death. But our central mode of dealing with that inevitability is to deny and deal with it. I had to giggle – this is so true, isn’t it? Glossy magazines, instagram filters , killer ads with 80 year old’s looking […]

What aesthetic devices and training does Nov-U offer?

The beauty and medical aesthetic industries have merged so closely to one another that they are separated by only a fine, blurred line. By definition, medical aesthetics is an inclusive term used for specialised treatments which focus on improving the appearance of the skin by treating issues such as scaring, spider veins, pigmentation changes and […]

Beauty trends to expect in 2019

It seems the average beauty consumer is on a journey of exploration and independence. Research shows that now,more than ever, consumers are open to finding and trying new brands and their products. There has been a large generational shift where younger consumers have taken the lead as consumers in the market and they are not […]

‘Tis the season…

To be wearing colour and winter trends of course. Winter make-up trends to watch in 2018 are fabulous. Dusty blue, blue-green in its different shades, earthy green, taupe-beige, dusted yellow, mineral-grey, pastel pink and passionate plum are the colours everyone will be talking about according to Elle online. In addition to colours to play with, [...]


I have been brewing on the topic of professionalism for some time now. I am not talking the “I have a carrot up somewhere”, non-approachable, pencil skirt and stilettos perception we have of professionalism. I am talking the kind of professionalism where I am left genuinely satisfied with a service. That my service enquiry has [...]