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We provide salons and spa’s business and marketing support – your success is our success. We build personal relationships with you, our clients, catering to individual needs of both small and large businesses. Our supplied brands are all internationally known and marketed, giving you the edge on competition

We are focusing on viral awarness, consistency and availability.

In addition to supply and education we provide sales support in the form of treatment costings worked our for clients. We also host promotions, workshops and keep continuous communication through emails, smses and conferences hosted, keeping our clients updated on what is happening in the industry.


KRYOLAN is the number one professional make-up brand world-wide thanks to the extensive range of over 16 000 high quality make-up products and accessories. KRYOLAN have been supplying the film, theatre and television industries for over 60 years, making them one of the world’s first professional make up brands used in over 80 countries. What sets KRYOLAN apart from other make-up brands is the dedication to meeting the professional make-up artist’s needs, demands and expectations. KRYOLAN products are dermatologically tested, HD compatible, highly pigmented thus color intense, provide unbeatable skin compatibility, and offer the higherst degree of product safety and reliability suitable for both event, stage and everyday wear.

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The BALSAN treatment range is a highly effective hand and foot treatment for removing dry skin, hardened calloused and cuticles. No healthy skin is affected and no filing, grating or cutting is required. There is zero risk to burning the skin. BALSAN products are dermatologically tested and suitable for pregnant ladies and diabetics. The small range consists of four products, osmotic film and two blunt instruments.

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DEPILIVE is the world’s number 1 in professional waxing systems, available in 87 countries worldwide. DEPILIVE is synonymous with prestigem success and quality. Their belief is that a professional waxing system must offer top class cosmetic products as well as a comprehensive choice of quality waxes to provide you with the best possible hair removal system. Depilive’s techniques and waxes can be suited to both your skin type and sensitivity.

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SMARTBUY salon and spa equipment provides quality salon equipment with the needed warrantees and aftercare sales service needed to guarantee peace of mind. A branch of DEPILIVE SOUTH AFRICA, SMARTBUY has obtained a reputation for professionalism, winning them award for supplier of the year in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

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ANESI is a professional skin and body range, dedicated to the aesthetics’ world for more than 40 years. ANESI is a cosmeceutical skin and body care range including a selection of active ingredients and formulations based on Nano technology. All the ANESI products have been developed by the R&D department. All products are manufactured and filled on the premises with and exhaustive quality control. Phytolab Laboratories has obtained the ISO 9001 and the GMP certificate making the company a leadder in professional beauty worldwide. We offer a wide range of products combining the highest percentages of latest technology active ingredients with unique aromas and textures. Our signature treatments combine technology with wellness protocols and massages techniques to offer a unique sensorial experience and visible changes in your skin. ANESI is distributed in more than 90 countries worldwide.

The ANESI SkinView is a device that looks like a Smart Phone, magnifying the skin up to 30 times. It is capable of measuring your hydration level, elasticity, sebum, pore sizw, hyperpigmentation, acne, wrinkles and even skin sensitivity. Within seconds it is able to tell you which skin type you have, where a normal skin for a certain age would be in comparison to yours, which home care products to use, which treatments to follow and how many sessions you should have. These results are kept on a data file in the salon for a 3 month follow-up assessment.

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CRISNAIL, is a Spanish professional nail brand sold globally. CRISNAIL offers a full professional nail system including acrylic, advanced gel, and gel polish. The latest fashion nail laquer colours, with fast drying technology, while respecting the natural nail. CRISNAIL uses the highest quality ingredients with the latest state of the art formulations that not only promises long lasting nail enhancements but at the time cates for and, respects the natural anil ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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Our mission is simple; to provide the salon and spa professional with everything they nedd – products, services, education and support – for the highest quality nail services. Whether fingers or toes, nails are fashion – the perfect accessory to an outfit or that subtle flash of indulgence defining a personal look. CND ranges include acrylic, systems as well as SHELLAC hybrid gel polish and a spa range.

CND formulations allow professionals to consistency create nails that are unique an expressive, and our vision and leadership has earned us the exculsive right to collaborate with the world’s top designers or runways from New York to Paris, Milan to Dubai.

CND has remained solidly science-based: Beyound marketing savvy, the company understands that chemistry remains a core competency: the promises CND makes to professionals is grounded in performance.

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Hair-Ex-Pil is an all-natural, pure, organic- sugar paste epilation system from Austria. Based on years of experience along with the latest research results in hair removal, Hair-Ex-Pil developed this simple yet highly effective hair removal method, using minimal products. Due to its premium quality and highly effective adhesiveness Hair-Ex-Pil is becoming the sugar-line of choice amongst successful, experienced epilation professionals throughout Europe.

Professional use of the Hair-Ex-Pil Sugar-Line requires hands on training and certification for both the practical and theoretical aspects of sugar epilation, regardless of waxing experience. Sugar-paste application and hair removal differs greatly from wax. With proper training, practice in perfecting the hand technique and selecting the optimal sugar paste according to the room temperature and humidity results in consistent quality epilation treatments.

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KETT airbrush make-up

KETT airbrush make-up is specially designed for the digital age and is compatible with the most advanced cameras. The hydro foundation formulations are water-based, fragrance free, silicon free and paraben free. The range is available in an olive and in a ruby series, blushes, contours, color theory and liquid pigments. The hydro proof formulation is a high endurance make-up with staying power, resilient against exposure to the elements and physical contact. It is water proof, smudge proof, transfere proof. Hydra proof is available in the olive and ruby series, color theory and additives for covering tattoos and creating freckles. Fixx Crème is a multi-tasking waterproof make up that is fully compatible as a concealer under all KETT airbrush make up in both the hydro foundation and hydro proof formulations available in a olive, ruby or neutral series.

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