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At Nov-U we do things a little differently. We invest in our clients, we don't just sell. For Nov-U as a business, If your beauty business grows then so does ours. For this reason we have reviewed and adapted our marketing plan for this year. Instead of just passing by your business in a cycle showing off product catalogues, we have decided to become involved. We will be offering you ways to get ontop of your beauty game.

Unfortunatly, the South African beauty industry is seldomly-if at all-regulated by professional councils. As a result of this, I very often get the complaint from qualified beauty therapists, nail technicians and make-up artists that the beauty market is flooded with fly-by-nights' who claim to have done short courses (even more often they did not). Sadly, qualified beauty professionals get under-priced by these individuals and you loose business. What do we stand to do? Be better. No wait-become the best at what you do in the industry. Stand up, stand out and stand for something. The type of clients you then want to attract will recognize and support your boldness, your passion, your business. 

How is Nov-U going to help you do this? Here's how.

Nov-U now hosts professional refresher workshops in various beauty services within the industry on a regular basis. These workshops are hosted at affordable prices which cover venue and product costs. These workshops include: CND and CRISNAIL manicures and nail treatments, BALSAN pedicures, DEPILIVE parafin waxes (facial, hands and feet) the DEPILIVE bel clip and micro-bel (a specialized device for ingrown toe nails), DEPILIVE waxing techniques, ANESI facial products and techniques, the ANESI Dermapen and micro-needling rollers, ANESI body treatments, HAIR-EX-PIL sugar paste, make-up and airbrush techniques with KRYOLAN. The industry is changing rapidly, stay up to date and don't get stuck in a rut from years back.

In addition to investing in you, our clients education, Nov-U offers support workshops which we present to your clients in your salon. On these days we make consignment stock available, educate your clients as to why they should be using your products and treatments and sell to them for you. Support workshops available include ANESI skin and body, ANESI DERMAPEN and Make-up workshops using KRYOLAN. Do not stay behind because you are scared to offer your clients the best solutions at your professional price.

Lastly, Nov-U will now be offering business consulting services to beauty businesses. Often we are taught so well how to perform treatments, however, not how to run the beauty business. You are working hard but not making money. This service will teach you how to work out your costings, how to add and work out profits, how to cut costs and increase profits, what contracts to have in place. We will spend time with upskilling you and your staff on how and what to sell.

Please feel free to email me at regarding enquiries or comments on any of the above. I look forward to helpinhg you build your business. 

See you soon at training, don't get left behind


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