About Nov-U

Nov-U is a distribution company trading primarily in the Free State, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and parts of the North West. We are based centrally in Bloemfontein and currently service over a thousand clients in these areas on a regular basis. Nov-U has been trading for more than 12 years and is currently owned and managed by Somatologist Jaclyn Engelbrecht. Nov-U Trust is VAT registered (VAT NR: 4280209091).

We distribute the products and regulate the education of: DEPILIVE wax, SMARTBUY salon equipment, HAIR-EX-PIL sugar paste, ANESI skin and body, BALSAN medicated pedicures, CRISNAIL nail, manicure and pedicure ranges, CND SHELLAC gel polish, KETT airbrush and KRYOLAN make-up products to salons and spa in our designated areas.


  • We guarantee to provide you with your full order within no more than 7 working days.
  • The only exception to this will be if Head office is out of stock of the item, in which case the collection date will be communicated.
  • We will respond to all email and telephonic enquiries within 2 hours.
  • Should you not be 100% happy with the condition of your products, you have 7 working days in which to exchange it together with the original invoice and in its original packaging.
  • We will provide costings and marketing support aimed at developing salons business.
  • We will maintain an online presence aimed at marketing our brands to both consumers and customers.
  • We will review customer sales and complaints with the purpose of assessing them in order to provide relevant feedback to increase sales and loyalty.
  • Nov-U will provide consistent service protocols aimed at keeping our clients up to date.


In our appearance, communication and in executing all tasks.
That we will make a positive impact in the health and beauty industry, growing in ourselves on a personal and professional level. We will develop small businesses and their owners we serve.
By being and living the change, we want to see in the industry health and beauty industry. By leading by example.
In our growth and in executing tasks effectively. Our clients and team mates can expect the same or better from us each and every time we execute a task.
By listening, thinking before we react and by then reacting in the best way to allow open future communication and to get a clear message across.
Creating open, transparent and trust based relationships.
Functioning with passion and energy. We consider and respect the opinion and input of each other and find new, improved ways of executing tasks and delivering service.
For the decisions we make. We are responsive and collaborate to achieve the best possible results.
That is encouraging and supportive. We are committed to the success of each other, the company and our clients.
By genuinely caring about our team mates, clients, their businesses and development thereof.